Digiturk causes Turkish ban of Blogger/Blogspot

Since Friday, it’s been impossible to access popular blogging platform Blogger or any *.blogspot.com domain from a Turkish IP address, due to a ban imposed by a court in the south east of Turkey.

Previously it was rumoured that Adnan Oktar, by some considered the leading Muslim advocate for creationism, might have caused the new ban, since he successfully got WordPress and Google Groups banned in the past, as well as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins’ website. However, this rumour was refuted by someone pointing out that Oktar operated in Istanbul courts and the verdict banning Blogger was passed in Diyarbakır, at the other side of Turkey.


Blogger's banned in Turkey screenshot 

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It’s now reported that it is not Oktar that got Blogger banned, but Digiturk, a subscription based digital TV platform that owns the rights to the live broadcasting of Turkish football league games. Apparently, Digiturk asked Blogger to take several blogs or blog entries down containing links to pirated transmissions of the live games. Blogger did nothing, Digiturk went to court and under Turkish intellectual property law, they managed to get Blogger banned completely, effectively banning millions of websites that have nothing to do with Turkish football or pirating.

Digiturk’s court cases in the past have managed to block Justin.tv and MyP2P TV for the same reasons.

Turkey’s NATO membership and EU ambitions seem paradoxical to the infringement on the freedom of press and speech of its citizens, residents and visitors by banning sites like Blogger and YouTube. The EU’s making a blacklist of censoring countries and are creating software for people in these countries to use to bypass the censorship (see: Global Online Freedom Act).

Thanks to safak for his tip about Digiturk!

Some useful links to unblock YouTube/Blogger (blogspot)/other blocked pages in Turkey:

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23 Responses to “Digiturk causes Turkish ban of Blogger/Blogspot”

  1. Turkey Bans Blogger | BasBasBas.com Says:

    [...] Saudi Life ← The Street Accordionist (Video) Digiturk causes Turkish ban of Blogger/Blogspot [...]

  2. mad Says:

    “Turkey’s NATO membership and EU ambitions seem paradoxical to the infringement on the freedom of press and speech of its citizens, residents and visitors by banning sites like Blogger and YouTube. The EU’s making a blacklist of censoring countries and are creating software for people in these countries to use to bypass the censorship”

    What da hell is this? are you on pot? It said it is about intellectual property law of Turkey. Cant you read what you write? did you have to bring your obnoxious ass one step forward with this mambo jambo quote of yours.

  3. Bas Says:

    Uhmmm….. yes. Yes I did.

    The thing is, of course intellectual property law is important, but it’s also important for a country to not let companies lawsuits affect the freedom of speech and expression of its citizens. I’m also mentioning the case of YouTube here, which IS actually something the EU is very concerned about. I have yet to hear EU politicians react to the banning of Blogger.

    It’s okay to ban a site that infringes on a company’s intellectual property… It’s not okay to ban a whole domain that hosts millions of other sites. It’s like someone making one profile on MySpace with an MP3 of Tarkan on it, and then all of MySpace getting shut down in Turkey.

    That’s bad policy and it is an infringement on the rights of Turkish citizens.

    I don’t want to speak bad about Turkey. Turkey’s a great country and its citizens deserve the best treatment possible from the government and the judicial system.

  4. Confessions of an Expat’s Wife » Blogspot Banned in Turkey Says:

    [...] it turns out, the real cause of the ban was football! Digiturk, a subscription based digital TV platform that owns the rights to the live broadcasting [...]

  5. Blogger prohibido en Turqu Says:

    [...] el servicio de blogging sea desbloqueado y todos blogueen felices comiendo perdices kofte. Fuente: Basbasbas    addthis_pub = [...]

  6. Turkey bans Blogger due to a handful of blogs linking to pirated football games Says:

    [...] basbasbas and cyber-rights) If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on [...]

  7. Turkish Culture Blog Says:

    So, the Oscar goooooooes to digital technology leader of Turkey, Digiturk, Congratulations! :mrgreen:

    This ban cut web traffic to my Turkish language blogger websites which is unrelated to any illegal activity. So, I lose ads money each day as well. Someone should open case to Digiturk to close their website for this or for some other reason :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I adore the life, it is full of sarcasm :wink:

  8. Can Duruk Says:

    If you think about it, it’s not really Digiturk who is at fault here. They have every right to complain to courts about people who infringe on their copyrights. I am pretty sure that they haven’t thought that their complaint would have caused entire Blogger to be banned. (But don’t get me started on their Microsoft-infested DRM schemes which prevents me to enjoy games on my Mac)

    It really is the judicial system and antiquated laws (dare I say minds also?) that result in such outcomes. A preliminary injunction to shut down the entire Blogger service just because a few blogs linked to illegal feeds? That is just absurd. I’m sure the judge who ordered this ruling wasn’t really aware of the implications but that shows that people in such great powers should also be extremely knowledgeable on the issues they are handling.

    I guess what I am trying to say is this; Turkish people need to recognize that banning websites is not the answer. It’ll keep a few people away from the so-called malicious content but it’ll attract a lot more attention to it on the flip side. Also, people need to realize that being able to circumvent the bans means nothing; it will only legitimize such acts in the future.

    And also, no matter what your feelings are towards copyrighted works, it’s a bad idea to steal. You can’t deny that either.

  9. Türkei sperrt Bloggger.com « 11k2 Says:

    [...] Google auf, die betreffenden Blogs zu sperren, was nicht geschah. Nun sind sämtliche Blogs unerreichbar. Damit ist dem Grundrecht der Meinungsfreiheit in der Türkei weiterer Schaden zugefügt und ein [...]

  10. Estella Straatsma Says:

    I totally agree with Can Duruk, it is the Judge who didn’t know what he was doing, I guess he never even heard about Blogger when he decided. It is hard to believe that such a decision can be made by one single person.
    Hope we will get our freedom back soon, as proxies are not realy the way to go…

  11. Можно Ли Забанить Google? | More Intelligent Web Says:

    [...] Однако кое что становится ясно тут: http://www.basbasbas.com/blog/2008/10/26/digiturk-causes-turkish-ban-of-bloggerblogspot/ [...]

  12. Emm Says:

    I wander if they did ask Blogger to take those posts down first or if they just went ahead with their action. Blogger takes down hundreds of sites a day for linking to music downloads on Rapidshare. It seems to me they would have agreed to take down these sites.

  13. Bas Says:

    They did. They claim they got no reply from Blogger. I wonder how long they waited though.

  14. Bas Says:

    I mean, it’s possible they just emailed them instead of contacting them by phone.

  15. Henrik R Clausen Says:

    May I suggest (for Europeans) to look up your favorite member of the European Parliament, (member dictionary here) and ask him/her to remind the EU Commission that the negotiations for EU membership are to be coupled closely to the pace of reforms in Turkey.

    Since the reforms seem to be in reverse gear for the time being, it would be fitting, and a fulfillment of the promises given by EU Commissionar for Enlargement Olli Rehn, that the technical negotiations for Turkish EU membership should be set in reverse too. Or at least suspended, until Turkey shows serious commitment to democratic reform.

    Doing so will help freedom in Turkey, and will help the EU civil servants keep their words, too.

  16. machtgehabe « //dashboardgrump/bin Says:

    [...] quelle: basbasbas [...]

  17. Der wahre Grund für den Bann von blogger.com in der Türkei » Rebellenidyll Says:

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  19. The Upside of Censorship… » You Can’t Diaper Their Faces Says:

    [...] you are probably aware that my old blog was recently the victim of censorship here in Turkey.  The court banned all Blogger and .blogspot domains. I was unable to reach my blog without the help of a filter site (three cheers for vtunnel) and [...]

  20. disco Says:

    not banned in Izmir…
    maybe related to isp?

  21. Bas Says:

    Read the update:

  22. kagablog » Digiturk causes Turkish ban of Blogger/Blogspot Says:

    [...] this article first appeared on basbasbas.com [...]

  23. Turkey’s Blogger Ban Hurts a Mom-Blogger - and others | Three Bright Stars Says:

    [...] In addition to that, the ban is obviously part of Turkey’s suppression of free speech.  In the past, bans on online speech have been advocated through the Turkish courts by Adnan Oktar, a leading Muslim advocate for creationism who opposes websites that deal with Darwinism and mention his name.  However, this current ban is apparently not related to the evolution/creation debate.  This one’s about Digiturk, a TV platform that owns the rights to live broadcasts of Turkish football.  Read more from BasBasBas.com. [...]

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