How Not to Be a Social Media Expert

The recent Presidential Address regarding withdrawals from Afghanistan spawned loads of reactions on Twitter. One of them was from a boy who seemed to be from the Christian-right side of the political spectrum, which simply called for Obama stepping down. I notice it, probably because I didn’t like the attitude, but when I clicked it I saw that there were others that didn’t like the comment too. However the top-reply is from a (probably self-proclaimed) ‘social media expert’ (it says “Fuck you bitch”).

While I get that this is the internet, where trolling, cursing, insults and threats are far from uncommon… I was surprised to find out that the first insult came from someone who describes himself as a “Social media expert, your spokesperson, and lover of humanity.”

May the Flying Spaghetti Monster have mercy on the poor soul that hires this person to manage their social media.

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