TwoThousandTen’s Top Ten Tunes

Since we all know anyone that releases a tune towards the end of the year, automatically forfeits their right to be included in lists like this, I present to you, without further ado, my Top Ten Tunes of 2010!

10. Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Matt Sayers ‘Beebs’ Bootleg)

Released: September/October 2010

Awesome bootleg with some of the best remixes of Duck Sauce’ Barbra Streisand tune, making it a remix of a remix of a remix of a remix? Anyway, banging electro, oldskool disco vibes, dubstep, breakbeat… It’s all there!

Click to download.

9. Dark Sky – Drowned Cities

Released: July 2010

Bit hard to put a genre label on this track, but if I had to, I’d say it’s a garage track with the mellowness of a good dubstep track, but with the groove of an atmospheric drum & bass tune. If you like closing your eyes and floating away into space, carried on a bassline, but guided by more high-pitched melodies… Look no further.

P.S. It really sounds better in high quality, so find the WAV/FLAC or CD.

8. Technohead – Take Me Away (The Speed Freak Bedlam Mix)

Released: June 2010

Great no-bullshit hardstyle track which does a great job sampling Napoleon XIV’s “They’re coming to take me away”, adding a nice degree insanity to an already mad track.

7. Luca Antolini – Powerfull – ACT 2

Released: June 2010

This release was composed of three acts and apparently number 2 is nobody’s favourite but mine, since i can’t find it on YouTube… However, you can listen to it in full on TrackItDown or JunoDownload

It’s one of the most intense hard house tracks I’ve ever heard and therefore I love it.

6. Pendulum – Watercolour

Released: 31 Mar 2010

Some drum & bass heads call Pendulum sell-outs, for turning the sound of the genre into some poppy futuristic rockband shit. In general, I agree with them… However, I’m Dutch and the Dutch like cheese and this tune happens to be a perfect blend of cheesiness.

Cool horns, very nice rolling bass and just the type of high-energy we’ve come to expect from Pendulum.

However, the break at 3:40… OH MY GOD what crap. Damn you Rob Swire for having to sing over everything and ruining perfectly good pieces of music.

5. John B – Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix)

Released: 15 Feb 2010

John B has always been a pioneer in drum & bass, co-creating subgenres like trancestep, but his sound combined with the powers of Camo & Krooked creates something unstoppable.

Great build-ups and breaks, very melodious work and a synth that just keeps on pushing until you suddenly find yourself panting at which point you realize you’ve been spending the last 3 hours jumping around to the same song over and over and OVER!

4. Magnetic Man – I Need Air (Album Version)

Released: July 2010

Legendary dubstep producers Benga and Skream teamed up with Artwork and made one of the best songs of the year. True, some dubstep heads have been very critical over this and it would probably not go down well at a hardcore dubstep rave… However, the rhythm of the vocals, combined with the trance synths and the bubbly nature of this track, make it a very beautiful poppy chill-out song.

3. Freestylers – Cracks (Flux Pavillion & Ctrl-Z remixes) (Ctrl-Z) (Flux Pavilion)

Released: August 2010

To be honest, I couldn’t pick. Best remix release of the year; by far.

Ctrl-Z’s remix is this fast energetic bomb with a goosebumpalicious intro, whereas Flux Pavillion’s remix is more of a slow, deep, but banging dubstep marvel with screeching well… I don’t know what instrument that is, but it’s screeching and it really adds to the sentiment of the vocals very well.

Dat drama.

2. Sub Focus – Splash

Release date: 10 May 2010

One of the world’s best drum & bass producers Sub Focus has always delivered great tunes, always pushing the sounds of drum & bass forward, but this guitar-driven gem really stands out.

The build-up is epic… it makes me want to run and accelerate to the point where all boundaries of speed are broken, to merge with all of existence and blend into the nothingness of everything. Yes, this tune is that good.

P.S. There’s a version with vocals, but it’s terrible.

1. Metric – Help I’m Alive (Krusha Remix)

My favourite discovery of 2010! This dubstep/breakbeat remix has it all. Very solid build-up, playful uplifting breaks, and a very wicked drop when the dubstep wobbles come in. The peak in the middle of the track, where the tempo goes up and the dubstep is traded in for breakbeat, is simply genious and makes it difficult to listen to your MP3-player in public if you’re easily embarassed.

Perfect blend of indie, electro, dubstep and breakbeat. Most perfect track of 2010.

And the best part: it’s released under a Creative Commons so download it now and spread this awesome tune!

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