Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy BirthdayIt’s my 23rd birthday today! Over the last few years I’ve started to care less and less about my birthday, maybe partly due to be away from my family. I remember last year I hardly cared about my birthday, but due to the fact that it coincided with my last day of my internship in the Bulgarian National Radio, I had a great day.

This year I felt the same apathy towards my birthday, partly because I’ve just been very busy arranging things and getting myself settled here in Sofia. Bulgarians are great when it comes to birthdays. In Holland you might get a call or a text message saying happy birthday from a few close friends and your family, but that’s about it (in my experience). In Bulgaria however, you can expect almost everybody who has your number to give you a call to wish you a happy birthday, a great life, great health, great love, luck with any new plans or projects, great friendships et cetera.

Probably the best thing about Facebook, besides the fact that it’s really useful to keep in touch with your networks of friends, is the birthday reminders. I’ve had a lot of great birthday greetings from my friends today and would like to thank them all. Dutch, Russian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Spanish, German, English… Dankjewel, спасибо, благодаря, teşekkürler, gracias, danke, thanks!

Oh, and I was just sent this Bulgarian popfolk/chalga happy birthday music video. The video’s probably not supposed to be funny, but it’s making me laugh a lot.

Photo above by enggul.

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7 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me!”

  1. martin in bulgaria Says:

    Happy Birthday Bas :)

    A bit belated, but I’m sure you are still in Birthday mode even this morning……

  2. Bas Says:

    More like hangover mode.

    But it goes hand in hand with the fun from the night before, so it’s as much part of the birthday party as all else :)

    Thank you!

  3. kyh Says:

    A happy belated birthday to you, Bas! A year older, a year wiser! ;)

  4. KZBlog Says:

    Happy Birthday from Kazakhstan!

  5. Emm Says:

    Happy belated birthday Bas! Hope it was awesome!

  6. Money Academy Says:

    first post in your blog must be ” happy birthday Bas ” i got the name from About page :twisted:

    i noticed that you updated it ” I’m Bas, 23, an International … “

  7. Gertjaap Says:

    a *bit* late, but a happy birthday nonetheless!

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