Entrecard Credit Giveaway (Yet Another Reason to Sign Up to Twitter)

amfufu.com by @RuthsCreations has won the Giveaway! So long Entrecard!

I announced earlier that I’ll be leaving Entrecard in my 8 Reasons to Quit Entrecard post. The day has come and my final ad has run. I’m leaving now. I have however 1100+ credits left, that I’ll be GIVING AWAY to visitors of this blog.

For the next 24 hours every EC user that Tweets me (http://twitter.com/spartz) a link to their profile gets a chance to win a share! (keep reading!)

Since I want everyone to have an equal chance and don’t want to give away 100 credits to people (since that’s really nothin), I will do it as follows…

I’ll divide the total number of participants by 7 and pick that number of winners via random.org. I previously suggested to give every seventh person a share, but since this can be monitored, I decided to make it more random. So tweet me now (!) using this format:

@Spartz I am joining your Entrecard Giveaway (http://doiop.com/EC). The link to my profile is: http://is.gd/c9sQ

You can use a link shortener for your profile URL at is.gd – but this is not a rule. ;-)

Just follow these simple rules. I highly value people who follow instructions, because it shows that they care and that they’re paying attention. Any entry not according to instructions will not be counted.

I guess this adds one more reason to the list of reasons to use Twitter. ;-)

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3 Responses to “Entrecard Credit Giveaway (Yet Another Reason to Sign Up to Twitter)”

  1. Miss Tique Says:

    When one thing dies, some other thing gets born. Good luck with your future projects!

  2. lala Says:

    Wow, Bas, I hate to see you go, but totally understand. Entrecard is a time sucker.

  3. Hans Says:

    i dont use twitter yet..)) do i have a chance..))

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